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Often when this happens, people are blocked from accessing their Facebook accounts for periods of time – 24 hours, 3 days. Sometimes Facebook disables or deletes their accounts. Although US and UK news media recently reported Facebook has made an about-face and apologized for removing breastfeeding photos, the harassment, bullying and intimidation continues.

This has gone on for years. Even though over 200,000 people signed an official petition to Facebook calling for them to stop. Even though in 2008 mothers protested outside Facebook’s headquarters, they continue to remove photos of breastfeeding women.

We want Facebook to:

– leave people who post breastfeeding photos alone
– change their policy to stop including breastfeeding photos with their policies prohibiting pornographic or sexually explicit material or nudity

What can you do?

1) Join the Facebook Page – your “like” on the page is like signing a petition to Facebook

Check the “Info” section of the FB Page for further action items.

2) Nurse-ins are planned at Facebook’s headquarters, and at Facebook offices around the world. Plan to attend.

3) Show your support on the Nurse-In Day by changing your status picture on Facebook.

4) Continue to share pictures of breastfeeding as part of normal, day-to-day life on Facebook and elsewhere in the way you always have, with whatever levels of privacy you wish.

5) If you are on Twitter, sign the Twitter petition.

Post about this issue using your own social media channels. Post on Facebook. Tweet. Blog. Talk about it! Help people understand that women are advised to breastfeed exclusively for the first six months of their child’s life and then through the second year of life, and beyond for as long as both wish.*

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