I don’t take a wage from any of the Lactivist sites and the hosting and technical support for Lactivist.net is funded by www.lactivist.co.uk and the lovely Lactivist sponsors. You can see their adverts at the sides of the page and there is a list of them here http://www.lactivist.net/?page_id=1728

Please take a moment to make it worth their while to advertise on lactivist.net, and if you are interested in advertising yourself details are here. http://www.lactivist.net/?page_id=1735 Lactivist.net gets over 1000 unique visitors a day and that number is growing so fast I am going to have to upgrade the hosting so it has more space.

You may notice that I’ve put Google generated adverts at the bottom of the pages now. Every time you click on one of them Lactivist.net gets a tiny bit of money. They are generated by the content of the page so every now and then you might see an evil formula advert – please email me to let me know because I can block them!

Huge thanks!


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