I think this might be the end of my breastfeeding career.I stopped nursing on one side because the Moo never seemed to drain it properly (no matter what position I tried) and nursing on it made it feel sligtly mastitisy. It feels better left alone. The other boob is fine.

If I offer mummy milk to the Moo he rarely says yes until I have asked a few times so I have stopped offering now. He asked for it yesterday but kept coming off and saying ‘more’ and signing ‘thirsty’ so I don’t think there is much there anyway. I can squeeze a drop out but my milk goddess days are over.

I feel sad about this in lots of ways, but if this is weaning it’s been really easy, and he has led the way for most of it. I have very carefully not had a ‘last breastfeed’ as I think that will make me very sad. He can still have some milk if he aks for it.

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